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Flip-Up Stencils

Flip-Up Stencils

Model Number: STNCL-FLP Clock fast Lead Time: 3-5 Days

Flip-Up Stencils are single site stencils, used to apply solder paste onto circuit board pads of BGA’s, QFN’s, QFP’s, TSOPS, PLCC’s, etc.

  • Great for QFN’s where the pads on the board are larger than the pads on the component.
  • All Flip Up stencils are made from stainless steel and are reusable after a quick wash in an alcohol based cleaner.
  • All Flip Up stencils are custom made to order per your specification.
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Total: $110.00

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Flip-up stencils are small solder paste stencils typically used to print a single component a printed circuit board. They were designed to be used with the MSP 100/300/400 and SH-1 printers though they can be used manually. They come with a holder and a squeegee blade. A flip-up stencil is a great tool for PCB rework and printed circuit board assembly.

Flip-up Stencils are custom made for any component and can be customized with relief areas, to eliminate removing neighboring components. They have the same footprint and aperture sizes used in a regular production stencil. They can be made in BGA, QFP, PLCC, SOIC, and connector patterns.

main Features

Aperture Walls
  • Excellent Print Performance
  • Reduce rework assembly time
  • Improve quality of rework
  • Gerber data or mechanical drawings
  • Optimum stability
  • Do not contaminate surrounding areas
  • Front ramps to prevent solder paste spillage
  • Reinforced walls to prevent side to side shift
Flip-up stencils


Technology used to make the stencils Laser cut or chem etch
Material used Stainless Steel
Stencil thickness .004 - .012 inches
Minimum cut size .002 inches
Aperture tolerance within .00025 inches