Precision Laser Cutting Services

Stencils Unlimited offers high quality laser cutting services using state of the art machinery. Our laser cutting services are solidifying their place in the global market through benefits such as shorter lead times, higher precision, a wide variety of metal and non-metal materials available and a cleaner surface that does not require secondary deburring processing. Stencils Unlimited has chosen UV and IR LPKF lasers.

We offer a variety of services including Laser Cutting, Laser Drilling, Laser Marking, Laser Skiving.

Precision Products

Pallets, carriers and fixtures

Wave Solder Pallets, SMT Process Carriers, Conformal Coating Fixtures and more.
Stencils Unlimited provides fixtures to improve the speed and quality of the PCB assembly process.

Waves Older Pallets
Wave Solder Pallets
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Surface Mount Carriers
Surface Mount Carriers
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Chemical Etching

Very simply, chemical etching is a process used to remove material (metal) by way of masking an area with a protectant (photo resist) and then submerging the material into an etchant (acid) to remove the material that has not been protected by the photo resist. It is an extremely precise and cost-effective process that facilitates the production of a wide range of burr and stress free parts and tools in virtually any metal.

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Chemical Etching Chemical Etching