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Surface Mount Carriers

Surface Mount Carriers

Model Number: SMT-CARRIER

We manufacture prototype and production Surface Mount Carriers (also known as SMT carriers). Our production carriers are made with a heavy-duty (Electro-Static Discharge) ESD composite, pressed fibre, thermoset plastic which offers extreme strength and excellent electrical and thermal properties. Our prototype carriers are made with stainless steel or high Tg FR4 (PCB material) to reduce fabrication cost and shorten the lead time. SMT carriers are very versatile, they can be used to support, protect and transport PCBs of different sizes and shapes including flex PCBs through the entire SMT process.

  • Streamline SMT process
  • Reduce setup time
  • Improve board handling
  • Reduce soldering defects
  • Reduce board warping
  • Reduce labor cost

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Whether you are using an automatic stencil printer or a prototype stencil, an automatic pick and place machine or if you are hand placing components, an automatic 8-zone reflow oven or a toaster oven, sometimes you just need a surface mount carrier to get the job done.

  • Process PCBs that are too small for conveyor systems.
  • Process PCBs that too thick or too thin.
  • Process odd-shape boards.
  • Process flimsy boards. Flex and rigid-flex PCBs usually require support during the SMT process.
  • Process PCBs with SMT components too close to the edge of boards.
Printing Yes Yes
Placing Yes Yes
Reflowing No Yes