Wave Solder Pallets

Wave Solder Pallets

Stencils Unlimited manufactures wave solder pallets in our state-of-the-art facility in Tualatin, Oregon. Our wave solder pallets are made with heavy-duty (Electro-Static Discharge) ESD composite materials such as Durostone® and Ricocel. These materials exhibit good machinability and are able to withstand the high temperatures and the chemicals associated with soldering applications.

Wave solder pallets are used during the wave soldering process to mask areas of the printed circuit boards that require thermal or solder protection. These areas usually contain SMT components, ground planes, connectors, gold fingers and/or mounting holes. Wave solder pallets are fabricated by removing material from areas of the pallets where the PCB is to be exposed to the wave, areas where solder is required.

  • Protect heat-sensitive components
  • Improve solder flow
  • Eliminate solder skipping
  • Eliminates hand masking
  • Reduces board warping
  • Reduces soldering defects and rework

10% Discount, 2-5 Units | 15% Discount, 6-10 Units | 20% Discount, 11+ Units

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Quoting and ordering your wave solder pallets
You can request a custom quote or quote and order your solder wave pallets online. Please follow the next steps to quote and order online.

  1. Select the material type and thickness. If you are not sure you may have to request a custom quote.
  2. Enter the approximate pallet length and width in inches.
  3. Enter the number of hold downs. We recommend a minimum of two hold downs for individual boards. If your boards are panelized we recommend four hold downs, one for each corner of the panel.
  4. Select “Yes” if your pallet needs a top hat.
  5. Select if you would like to add stiffener bars to your pallets.
  6. Please enter the number of shoulder bolts to be added to your pallets.
  7. Select the number of pallets in the “Quantity” field in the upper right corner of the screen. An automatic discount is applied depending on the quantity.