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Production PCB assembly fixtures (also known as SMT fixtures even though they can also be used for through hole applications) are the traditional fixtures made with a heavy-duty (Electro-Static Discharge) ESD composite, pressed fibre, thermoset plastic which offers extreme strength and excellent electrical and thermal properties. It comes in black and gray. Production fixtures last a long time, but they are expensive and could take several days to fabricate.

Prototype PCB assembly fixtures are specially designed for prototype and short run PCB projects. They are made with high Tg FR4 material or stainless Steel. High Tg FR4 is the fiber glass heat resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance material that is used to fabricate printed circuit boards. Stainless steel SMT fixtures are laser cut with the same kind of infrared lasers used to manufacture SMT stencils. High Tg FR4 and thermoset plastic fixtures are made with CNC machines.

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Surface Mount Carriers

Surface mount carriers are extremely versatile. They can be used to support, protect and transport PCBs of different sizes and shapes including flex and rigid-flex PCBs through the SMT process. Surface mount carriers can significantly decrease setup time and improve handling.
Stainless steel fixtures can be used during the printing and placement process. They cannot be used for the reflow process.

STAINLESS STEEL FR4 Tg180 Thermoset Plastic
Printing Yes Yes Yes
Placing Yes Yes Yes
Reflowing No Yes Yes
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Surface mount carriers

Wave Solder Pallets

Wave soldering is still widely used in printed circuit board manufacturing for soldering through-hole components. Wave solder pallets are used during wave soldering to mask SMT components (ground planes, gold fingers and mounting holes) while exposing the circuit board to the wave only where solder is required. Our wave solder pallets are custom designed to meet your project requirements.

FR4 Tg180 Thermoset Plastic
Printing Yes Yes
Pick & Place Yes Yes
Oven Yes Yes
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Wave solder pallets

Selective Solder Fixtures

Selective soldering is the preferred method of soldering through-hole components on a mixed technology assembly. Selective solder fixtures are used during selective soldering to protect SMT components and to shield thermally sensitive parts from the heat and solder.
Stainless steel fixtures are not be used to fabricate selective solder fixtures.

FR4 Tg180 Thermoset Plastic
Printing Yes Yes
Pick & Place Yes Yes
Oven Yes Yes
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Selective solder fixtures

Press Fit Fixtures

Press Fit Fixtures are used to provide your printed circuit boards the necessary support during the insertion of connectors.
Press fit fixtures protect the PCBs and the connectors.

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Press fit fixtures

Custom Fixtures

Stencils Unlimited offers cost effective design and manufacturing tooling services. Whether you just need a simple surface mount carrier or a complex custom fixture, we will create the right tool for your project. Simply give us a call or send us an email. We are here to help.
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Data Requirements

The data needed to complete a tooling project varies but in general we are going to need the following:

  • Gerber files – Standard or Extended Gerber (RS-274-D or RS-274-X)
  • Fabrication and assembly drawings
  • Bill of Material (BOM) in Excel format