Precision encoder wheels

Custom Precision Encoder Wheels


Stencils Unlimited offers custom precision encoder wheels on a variety of materials. We use advanced laser technology to fabricate ultra-precision products with burr-free and stress-free finishing.

  • Ultra-high Precision laser cutting manufacturing (laser engraving available)
  • A variety of materials, sizes and thicknesses
  • Burr free and stress free
  • No tooling
  • No minimum quantity
  • Short Lead Time


These precision laser-cut discs are commonly used to translate motion into an electrical signal using the light projected through the slits. Encoder Wheels (code wheels or encoder discs) are metal discs with a custom pattern etched through around their circumference. This pattern creates a signal when light is projected onto the rotating disc. A motion control optical encoder is used for this application. Typical applications include robotics, automation, motion control and measurement.

We can fabricate any type of metal Encoder Wheels. Please send us the custom design and we will laser cut it using Stainless Steel. For large quantities we can also electroform the part using Nickel (highest resolution).

Although we can fabricate encoder wheels in a variety of materials they are usually ordered in stainless steel. We stock 0.002" - 0.020" stainless steel sheets.

For a custom quote please email your files to For a custom quote
please email your files to
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Custom Quote
Technology Precision Laser Cutting
Materials Stainless steel *
Lead time 24-48 hours
Material thicknesses 0.002" - 0.020" *
Minimum feature size 0.002" (50 um)
Maximum size 22.5"x29"
Aperture tolerance Within .00025"
Engraving Yes

Preferred Data Formats

There are many forms of acceptable data. The following is a list of data formats that are acceptable for laser design files to be submitted in: Gerber, DXF, HP-GL, and HP-GL2 are the primary formats accepted. Please note that it is a good idea to include a PDF drawing of the data provided for reference. We can always send a check plot before proceeding to manufacture.

*Other materials and thickness available upon request.