E-400 Lead-free Wave Solder
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E-400 Lead-free Wave Solder

Model Number: E-400 Clock fast Lead Time: 2 - 4 weeks Donwload Data Sheet E-400

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Touchscreen controlled Lead-free wave solder with titanium finger conveyor/stepper controlled spray fluxer. One hot air preheating zone and pure titanium solder pot
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PBC width 1.18-15.75in-30-400 mm
Pot Volume 859.8 lbs (245Kg)
General Power 10KW
Running Power 2-5KW
Machine Dimension 123.62(L)49.21(W)62.99(H)
Net Weight 1,653.46Lbs (400Kgs)
Controlling System Touch Screen + PLC control
Conveyor Motor 3Ph-380V-60W
Conveyor Speed 200MM-1500MM/Min
Flux Volume 6.5 Liters
Alcohol Volume 4.5 Liters
PCB Direction Left to Right
Spray Drive Stepper motor drive fluxer with rail and slider
Sprayer ST-6 Made in Japan
Preheat 1 Hot air convection
Preheat Power 4 KW
Solder Pot Material Titanium
Solder Pot Heater Cast Iron Heaters
Solder Pot Power 1.2KW*10PCS
Wave Number Dual Waves
Wave Type Turbulent first wave, Lambda second wave
Time for Solder Melt 60 minutes
Solder Pot Lift (Up/Down) Manual
Solder Pot In/Out Automatically
Conveyor Type Titanium finger
Fixed Rail Front Rail
Movable Rail Rear Rail
Solder Angle 3-6°
Air Supply 3-5 BAR
Power Supply 3PH 220V 60HZ OR 3PH 380V 50HZ OR 3PH 440V 60HZ