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Flip-Up Stencils

LEAD TIME: 3-5 Days    |     PRICE : $110.00

Flip-Up Stencils are single site stencils, used to apply solder paste onto circuit board pads of BGAs, QFNs, QFPs, TSOPS, PLCCs, etc.
  • Great for QFNs where the pads on the board are larger than the pads on the component.
  • All Flip Up stencils are made from stainless steel and are reusable after a quick wash in an alcohol based cleaner.
  • All Flip Up stencils are custom made to order per your specification.

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Special Instructions:

Mini Mirror
Mini Mirror
Quantity :
Price : $75.00
The MM-1 Mini Mirror allows the user to inspect solder joints of a BGA component before and after the reflow at the BGA rework process. The operator will be able to visually inspect the outer row of solder joints to determine proper wetting, and alignment. The MM-1 Mini Mirror is a great tool for PCB rework and prototype printed circuit board assembly.
Flip-Up Handle
Flip-Up Handle
Quantity :
Price : $59.00
SH-1 Handheld printing tool for use with Flip-Up Stencils