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Wave Solder Pallets

LEAD TIME: 3 Days    |     PRICE : $480.00
Fixture Size: *
Backside Beveling $50 per pallet
Front Solder Damn $35 per pallet
Component Hold Down Sky Bar $120 (maximum to 10 components)
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Wave solder pallets are the most reliable and inexpensive method of soldering through-hole components on circuit boards. They are designed to meet unique requirements to solve complex processes.
  • Wave solder pallets mask SMT components (ground planes, gold fingers and mounting holes) while exposing the circuit board to the wave only where solder is required.
  • They provide thermal protection for printed circuit board areas that are heat sensitive.
  • A wave solder fixture provides support for the PCB throughout the wave solder process.

If your wave solder pallet does not meet the following specs please email your files to and we will email you a custom quote.

  • Maximum component height of 0.125 on back side
  • No back side bevel, no front solder damn included
  • Four aluminum stiffeners included
  • Up to 10 characters of alpha numeric nomenclature included
  • All pallets will have a order number and date engraved
  • Solder sample board strongly recommended for optimum fit
  • Minimum distant from through hole to backside component is 0.100 inches
  • All PCBs will be 0.062 thick

Wave solder pallets offer many advantages to the cost conscious Process Engineer. These advantages can usually pay back in a few weeks with cost savings and improved yields. By deploying a double reflow process, you can maximize your yields through the wave solder process. Other benefits are:

  • Reducing set-up time
  • Wave solder complex, double-sided circuit board assemblies
  • Eliminate expensive, and labour-intensive masking
  • Shielding of heat-sensitive components
  • Processing multiple boards at the same time
  • Reducing bridging and skipping
  • Increasing production and enhance automated assembly