••• Selective Wave Solder Pallets

Stencils Unlimited has advanced capabilities in machining and drilling composite materials. We can provide a wide range of manufacturing solutions for wave solder pallets that are custom-engineered and manufactured to each client's specifications.

The use of selective wave solder pallets, leads to overall process efficiency which can be improved by:

  • Reducing set-up time.
  • Wave solder complex, double-sided circuit board assemblies.
  • Eliminating expensive, and labour-intensive masking.
  • Shielding of heat-sensitive components.
  • Processing multiple boards at the same time.
  • Reducing bridging and skipping.
  • Increasing production and enhance automated assembly.
Wave Solder Pallet Selective wave solder pallets 1 Selective wave solder pallets 2
Wave solder pallets are made of composite materials with advantageous features such as:
  • High temperature compatibility to endure repeated cycles through the re-flow.
  • Dimensional stability to ensure board alignment is consistent.
  • Very low moisture absorption.
  • Low heat absorption.
  • Chemical resistance for increased durability through the harsh cleaning process.