••• Surface Mount Process Carriers

Surface Mount Process Carriers are engineered to completely fixture a printed circuit board during the overall assembly process. These carriers are made of high-temperature semi-conductive composite materials, used from start to finish in the PCB assembly process. Surface Mount Process Carriers have many features and benefits which enhance automated PCB assembly and increase production by:
  • Reducing set-up time.
  • Eliminating unnecessary circuit board handling by operators.
  • Minimizing board warping.
  • Eliminate expensive hand masking and labour costs.
  • Standardizing process repetition.
  • Machine parameters.
  • Minimizing soldering defects.
Surface Mount Process Carrier 1 Surface Mount Process Carrier 2
Surface Mount Process Carriers are made of composite materials with advantageous features such as:
  • High-temperature compatibility to endure repeated cycles through the re-flow.
  • Material stability to ensure board alignment is consistent.
  • Chemical resistance for increased durability through harsh cleaning process.