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SMT Process Carriers

LEAD TIME: 3 Days    |     PRICE : $270.00
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Precision tooling allows accurate placement of surface-mount components. Allows direct transfer to infrared reflow. Edge tensioning support allows positive PCB retention with no topside interference.
  • Accurate, repeatable location of PCB
  • Prevent distortion and support the board through printing, placement and reflow
  • Required for rigid-flex and flex circuit processing

Surface mount technology is the leading factor to driving higher circuit densities per square inch of a PCB. Direct attachment of components and devices to the surface of circuit boards has enabled products with much higher circuit speeds, greater circuit density, and enables fewer external connections. These advances have greatly lowered costs, improved performance and improved product reliability. These benefits come with challenges as any surface mount process engineer knows. Printing solder paste on diminishing pad sizes, placing smaller and smaller components, and reflowing entire assemblies with their varieties of termination finishes and materials are just a few of the technical challenges that process engineers face every day.

We offer a variety of tooling solutions to improve the reliability, quality and cost (yield) effectiveness of surface mount processes. Full process carriers support circuit boards through all steps in the surface mount process. They offer support and accurate location for assemblies with odd board outlines or that donít meet standard conveyor widths. These fixtures can also be used to manage difficult components that require alignment or thermal protection through the reflow process. Pallets will reduce rework of boards, and increase the ease of manufacture.

We have proven experience with SMT on all types of PCB, including flex circuits, which require a fixture to ensure proper alignment through the oven. Engineering the proper fixture makes the job easier and more reliable for the customer.Other specialty tooling for repair, inspection and rework are available.