StencilMate ™ benefits

Simplify and Speed Up QFN and LGA device rework

StencilMate ™ rework stenciling process consists of either a single stencil "bumping" the pads of the part OR a part "bumping" stencil and its mate residing on the PCB which helps to guide the bumps to the correct location on the board. The stencils can be made quickly without tooling charges in almost any possible array pattern, including various pitches and ground pad configurations.

StencilMate ™ rework stencils will accurately and repeatably place "bumps" on the leadless devices requiring rework. These rework stencils will accurately form a new array of bumps with basic operator skill. These stencils place the solder "bumps" to within a tight tolerance. The "bumping" stencil relies on edge registration so that the user "squares up" the stencil with the package being "bumped".

The mating StencilMate ™ stencil resides permanently on the PCB site location and provides the matching "wells" for the "bumps" to align and be placed in. Users can "feel" when the "bumps" fir snuggly into the stencil aperatires thereby assuring alignment. This happens without the use of a high end vision system.

StencilMate ™ rework stencils can be used on the smallest pitch state of the art QFNS, LGAs and other leadless package types. These stencils have been used on parts with pitches down to 0.35mm and package sizes down to 1 x 1 mm!

StencilMate ™ stencils are packaged in groups of (20) in a small antistatic bag. Each packet also consists of enough stencils to "bump" (20) parts or or enough StencilMate ™ device / board pairs to rework (10) devices. Squeegees are sold separately.

Why StencilMate ™ over other rework methods?

Other rework methods are either capital intensive or require a high degree of skill or require long lead time expensive tooling for each every pattern. Area array rework systems requiring that the part be inverted, printed using custom tooling for every package configuration and then aligned and placed are capital intensive and require programming and profiling skills. Semi automated rework systems which dispense paste on the board and then align part are capital and programming intensive.

We can process your StencilMate™ stencils using its LASER machining capabilities eliminating the need for mechanical fixturing which is expensive and takes time to manufacture. There are no tooling costs associated with any new StencilMate ™ patterns ordered.

StencilMate ™ leadless device rework stencils are designed to work with your existing tool set. You can use any adequate reflow source including hot air or IR tools, area array rework system or oven.