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SD240 Manual SMT Stencil Printer

LEAD TIME: 1 week    |     PRICE : $1,165.00
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With the SD240 Manual SMT stencil printer board assembly will be easier with these cost effective manual stencil printers. Positioning of the printed circuit board is simple with the use of magnetic placeholders.

The SD240 M1 Manual SMT Stencil Printer is cost effective system and is quick and easy to use because the stencils do not need mounting holes, and no heating of the stencil is required. The SP912 M1 SMT printer can be used with single or double sided printed circuit boards.
  • The SD240 M1 stencil printer can be used for single as well as double sided PCBs (Even if there are already components on one side.)
  • Accurate X, Y and Rotation alignment of the PCB table