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SD-360U SMT Stencil Printer

LEAD TIME: 4 weeks    |     PRICE : $2,398.00
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The SD-360U SMT stencil printer is equipped with a holder that has a unique up and down lift system to position the stencil over the prototype PCB. The stencils do not need mounting holes and fixing a stencil is fast and easy.

This SMT stencil printer is equipped with a table holding that has a unique system to stabilize the prototype PCB.
  • Stencils do not need mounting holes.
  • Fixing a stencil is fast and easy, no heating of the stencil is required.
  • Positioning of boards are simple with the use of magnetic placeholders.
  • The SMT stencil printer can be used for single as well as double sided PCBs. Even if there are already components on one side.
  • Accurate X, Y and Rotation alignment of the assembly table