••• Press Fit Support Fixtures

Pressfit fixtures are used to support products during the insertion or assembly process. During this operation, a considerable amount of force is required to insert the connector into the board.

  • Stentech's design allows for complete support of the pressfit component.
  • Reduces the possibility of damage to the pressfit connectors during the process.
  • Reduces cost and set-up time in the manufacturing process.
  • Pressfit fixtures offer rigid support and protects the board from any damage.
  • Pressfit fixtures are designed for an individual board; or a universal fixture can be manufactured to allow for quick modifications for a variety of boards.
  • Stentech manufactures pressfit fixtures using ESD composite, G10, or Aluminum 6061 based on the customer's request.
  • Pressfit fixtures are engraved with the customer part number for easy identification.