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LEAD TIME: 3 - 5 Business Days    |     PRICE : $134.00

If you are looking to reball 15 or more devices, the EZReball™ system is a convenient and easy to use reballing preform that will accurately place solder spheres on CSPs and BGAs. Each of our EZReball™ performs are custom manufactured to your component requirements.

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Special Instructions:

The EZReball™ reballing process allows even the beginning repair technician to reliably and quickly replace spheres on a BGA package. Alignment is simple with the edges being “squared up” with the sides of the BGA. You won’t need to buy custom fixtures or frames for your bga rework. Since we custom make each EZReball™ perform to match your requirements, you’ll find that the solder spheres will match up to the prepped device quite easily. Once it’s reflowed, all you need to do is peel away the perform, clean it up with alcohol and your ready with the reballed device.

Main features:
  • Manufactured to your specifications
  • EZReball™ will easily and accurately place a new array of solder balls
  • Sphere diameters from 12.0 mils to 35.0 mils
  • Can be used on CSP pitches down to 0.4mm and BGA sizes down to 6 mils
  • Exceeds both the IPC and MIL standards for purity levels and size tolerances
  • No tooling costs associated with patterns ordered
  • No custom frames or fixtures needed
  • Packaged in groups of 15
  • As an added bonus, we give you one blank perform for repairs
User Instructions:

With other stencil methods using loose solder spheres, it makes it very tedious to process one component at a time. We found out through time motion studies, that if you need to reball 15 or more devices, the EZReball method is a lot faster by 30%! Speed up device reballing by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Wick the BGA component and clean with alcohol.
  • Step 2: Apply a thin layer of water soluble paste flux to the BGA.
  • Step 3: Place BGA on top of EZReball preform.
  • Step 4: Align BGA with EZReball perform.
  • Step 5: Reflow the BGA in a reflow oven. At PCB Unlimited, we carry a full line of small batch to high production reflow ovens that will suit your needs.
  • Step 6: Remove the EZReball perform from the BGA.
  • Step 7: Clean the BGA with alcohol.
  • Step 8:The reballed BGA after the EZReball method.
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