CNC Laser Cutting

Process Overview
CNC Laser cutting is typically used for industrial cutting of thick materials up to 0.5". Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high power laser onto the material to be cut.

The material then either melts, burns, vaporizes away, and then is blown away by high pressure air. The addition of the high pressure air leaves an edge with a smooth surface finish. Our CNC laser cutters are used to cut flat-sheet material.
CNC Laser Cutting
CNC Laser Cutting Machine
CNC Laser Cutting
Lead times will vary with each project (1-4 weeks is typical). Some of the key factors are:
Quantity of parts required
Material availability
Complexity of the design (how long it will take to process)
With our CNC Laser Cutting system we have decreased some product lead times from a few weeks to one week. We can easily handle your laser cutting needs from prototype to production.
Rapid Prototyping Service
Our Rapid CNC Laser Cutting service guarantees delivery of your parts in days instead of weeks! Delivery time will depend on the drawings and material availability. Post finishing could require additional 24 to 48 hours depending on your requirements
Production Runs
For production runs we typically have a 2-4 week lead time but can begin shipments on a weekly, bi-weekly, or daily basis to suit your needs.
Example parts
Sprockets, Gears, Covers, Guards, Face Plates, Spacers, Brackets, Flanges, and Rings
CNC Laser Cutting Sample Part 1
CNC Laser Cutting Sample Part 2
CNC Laser Cutting Technical Specications
The Pulsar 2415NT 4,000 W Production Laser is designed to be used in high production of short run sheet metal parts. Synchronized stainless steel rollers and a high speed capacitive head provide high throughput of scratch-free stainless and aluminum parts. With simultaneous head and material movement, automatic chute unloads for large parts, a material stacker for production runs, and the patented DoubleCutâ„¢ stacked sheet cutting technique; production levels have seen as much as an 80% increase.
Carbon Steel = < .5" thick material
Stainless Steel =< .375" thick material
Aluminum =< .25" thick material
Positional accuracy can be as good as .0005/20" and repeatability of .0005" is easily achievable.
Design & Engineering
Complete design services available using Pro/E, Solidworks, Autocad and a number of other tools.
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